About Me

I am a self-taught artist and a retired French Immersion teacher. When I retired a few years ago, part of my creative journey involved the discovery of a new art medium – Alcohol Ink. I stumbled on it by chance a couple of years ago after dabbling in watercolour and acrylic paint, and was intrigued by this new medium which has a “mind” of its own and lets one “play with the universe”.

I am blessed to be living on inspiringly beautiful Vancouver Island, in the aptly named Comox (‘the land of plenty’ in our local First Nations’ language) where the sea, mountains, forests, lakes, glaciers, luxurious vegetation, flowers…never cease to inspire me throughout the seasons.

I am originally from France and regularly go back to visit my family there bringing back ochres from the South of France to adorn my paintings.

Of course having lived in France, Morocco, Costa Rica and Argentina influence my paintings insomuch as my heart is full of colours, sunsets, spectacular views and flowers from these beautiful places. Listening to music while working is very important in my creative process, and Argentina has played a major role in helping me paint. I like to think that Argentinian harmonies and rhythms motivate my art on a daily basis.

Some of my pieces have been displayed at the Pearl Ellis Gallery, and also during the Square Foot Show 2021 hosted by ARTWRX Studio Gallery in Courtenay, leading to sales and prospective buyer interest and commission work. A lot of my art is displayed and bought online, as well as at Island Affair Giftware in Comox.

I am keen to always try out new projects and am open to suggestions by interested art supporters. At this time, I am considering animal portraits (my style) as an option, and am excited to try out this new venture. Experimenting is part of my art journey and I welcome new opportunities with open arms. 

Please feel free to contact me should you have a question or if you are interested in my original work, or prints of any size. Thank you for following me on my exciting journey.