I would like for you to accompany me on my voyage through the seasons of my heart.

I primarily use Alcohol Ink, but love to add touches of Provençal ochre, acrylic paint/modeling paste, etc. to add dimension or vibrancy to my paintings.

My daily work takes me through the seasons insomuch as it follows my heart at the time. I may be inspired by the colours of autumn, the sparkling waters of the ocean in the summer or its crashing waves on a winter’s day. Maybe it’s the crystalline waters of a mountain waterfall which stopped me in my tracks, or a mushroom growing timidly in the fall. Could it possibly be the beautiful winter skies full of stars and the rare Northern Lights? I am open to what surrounds me and ultimately to what I feel as inspiration…nothing bounds me but my own heart.

Follow me on my exploratory journey. I hope you will like what you see.